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Earth Rose. For Calm. For Balance. For You.

If you are stressed out, feeling overwhelmed or out of balance, I can help. I believe that as a woman you are the focus of the Universe and that your well-being comes first. If you feel good, inside and out, you are better able to achieve your goals and take care of the ones you love. I’m Sadaf and I combine aromatic massage therapy and counselling services for Muslim women to help you regain balance and calm in your life.
Sadaf Solangi

I have a twenty year career in Biomedical Science, Nursing, Teaching, Administration, Retail, Design, Speaking and decided to launch into alternative medicine in 2008. I trained extensively as a holistic massage therapist and offered my services to a reputable Chiropractor. Here I assimilated all of my massage skills and personal developmental learnings whilst excelling at Jing Advanced Massage School. My approach is to deal with patients clinically albeit in a holistic “Spa” style.

I have re-branded my therapies practice as “Earth Rose Massage” consolidating every kind of approach for a range of ailments under one banner. I realised that guests needed a listening service, consultancy, training and mentoring alongside having a deep gel-melting massage and Nespresso coffee! Therefore I have now developed a multi-disciplinary approach to a range of massage and communication therapies. So I have invented the combination of counselling and massage. After listening deeply in a consultation and relaxing the patient’s mind, I get her onto the massage couch so that the body can feel rejuvenated too.

Having massage at my hands incorporates the listening touch, quantum/meta physics (energy healing), irons out the muscles and enables the mind and soul heal themselves in a deep and aromatic way.